Monday, June 13, 2011

Sophia's Birthday!

Sophia's birthday was so fun for all the little girls they loved it all! Esme also had a birthday and her theme was Veggie Tales! but i forgot to take my camera when i went (CRAZY i know ha) so hopefully i can get some pictures from Cassie and post them.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Emerick James Stewart

Our newest addition! He is just so precious and love love loves to smile! He is such a sweet baby and we all just love him!!!

We Go Together!

We all absolutely love the fact that we can have a family get together anytime now since were all so close together! Even though its not ALL of us, its pretty close! and really nice to have the help of those close!!

Kya's Baptizism!!

Kya our last little one to get baptized!! Sad and also VERY exciting! She was very nervous for this day, but it turned out fabulous. Had almost all our family there to celebrate! and the little girls were so happy to see her get baptized!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Addies Turns Two!!

Addie LOVES the "Wizard of Oz" so much!! She likes to just walk around in her little Dorothy outfit and shoes! and always wants to watch the movie and she can sing "Somewhere Over The Rainbow" haha so we threw her a party all filled with it!! She absolutely loved it! We had some of her cousins and nieces come join the fun!


On December 31 in my family it is a birthday for 3!! haha my mother, and 2 youngest sisters Tessa and Kya all have the same birthday... crazyy! So they each got there own cake! Yum!!
We invited the whole family to come celebrate and eat with us!!
They blew out the candles!
Then we ate cake! haha some of us liked the cake more than others!! haha
We decorated the house with streamers, and a disco ball! And even attempted to make our own bull ride in the back yard for the little kids haha!
Whats a party without loud music and dancing!?!
So much fun!